If you are not pleased with your iPod or notebook audio platform because they are too small and does sound like tin can perhaps you need to try adding a digital audio speaker. Depending on your preferences there’s a huge variety of audio speakers to choose from, there are speaker systems made just for a particular application like USB speakers made for laptops, speaker docks for iPod, PSP Vita, cell phones, MP3 players and more.

The advantages of digital audio speakers are very similar to what you get from with digital radios, clearer sound and additional extra data to accompany each frequency. Unlike analogue transmissions, which fade over extended distance and are prone to interference, digital speakers sound equally clear all over the entire area.

The USB digital speaker systems are extremely-mobile and lightweight, provides power digital music which links through USB port on your laptop or pc. Contrary to conventional loudspeaker system which employs extra wires for electrical power source and output wires from your sound card which looks very messy. Available in compact desktop sizes, the AV tuner for stereo systems require an amplifier to function and is lightweight as in-car systems. Some designs include a remote control for easy volume adjustments.

If you are planning to buy a speaker docks for iPod you should consider a digital receivers, aside from its excellent CD-quality sounds you can also enjoy listening to your preferred AM/FM programs with a noticeable quality and reception. The phrase CD-quality is actually used to describe digital radio by many of the industry spokespeople, the radio stations and the makers, but it does not actually sound like compressed digital music.

The sound quality varies between stations based on the number of kilobits that it uses for its transmission. It is the same basic principle as behind MP3 files, the larger the bit rate, the superior the sound quality. Nowadays these digital radios are only limited to very few places that have digital broadcasting stations and they are too expensive.




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