Cool Electronic Gadgets From Giz Arena

Buy a car, and no matter how high-tech it is, or from which Giz World you bought it, no one asks you to treat the car’s internal design as some kind of intellectual property that doesn’t belong to you. You are completely free to take it apart and modify it as you will. Buy one […]

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The PlayStation Features A Variety Of Internal Sensors

Almost all consoles you will find in game suppliers, department stores and online store roughly have the same price, except maybe for some previous stocks that a particular store need to dispose because of the arrival of the newer version like the PSP Vita. Other than that they generally have the same price. Ordering it […]

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Is This Beginning of a New Era of Absolute 3D Gaming??

 Microsoft patents a new 3D gaming system, sources revealed. A new patent was filed by Microsoft in August; this reveals the vision Microsoft has for their future gaming consoles. The plan to bring the gaming out of the TV screen and into your room. This new system will use Microsoft’s Kinet Sensor and video projectors. […]

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The Next Big Thing Or Not ??

  Microsoft Surface, the newest gadget in town. Can it be a replacement for laptop and an iPad both? The hybrid nature of the “Surface” puts up a strong case. The New Gadget has both touch screen features as well as a physical “qwerty” keyboard. It has a Kickstand so you can watch a HD […]

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