Depending on where you plan to use them, they are offered on the market in many different styles. There are variations where you can actually fix them to conventional safety equipment like hardhat and safety glasses. Another version is the one with the mounting placed behind the head instead of the usual which is located above the head. This kind of Peltor hearing protection is effective if you wear a hardhat or perhaps a baseball cap. Besides the mounting they function perfectly the same.

A more affordable hearing protector solution is the Peltor ear plug. It has a basic design, very light and compact. It is actually made of a unique material that screens excessive noise from tools and equipment within the manufacturing area. Choose from different colors like neon red, violet and baby pink. In case you are not using it, you can just let it hang in your neck just like a necklace. It does not require a battery to work, just mount it in your ears and you are done.

Another good example is the Peltor ear muffs for target shooting. You will find models that are specially made for specific application. This type of ear protector is designed to reduce the high frequency burst of sound coming from a gun or a shotgun. These digital earmuffs are completely adjustable. You can actually set the noise level such that you can still hear ordinary conversation while shielding your ears from the excessive noise of the shotgun.

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    […] good example is the Peltor ear muffs for target shooting. There are models that are specifically made for specific application. This […]

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