Fix a Fire Alarm System

How to Fix a Fire Alarm System That Keeps Beeping

Are you having a fire alarm system at home that is giving you problems of late? Sometimes fire alarm systems can be a real nuisance when they give out plenty of false alarms. If you have got a fire alarm that keeps you awake every night with its continual sound, you can solve the problem using some precautionary and troubleshooting techniques. Apart from avoiding unwarranted noise and bringing back your fire alarm to working condition, you can also bring back your nights of deep and peaceful sleep.

If you want to prevent fire alarms from making noise unnecessarily, you should first test out the batteries. A repeated, distinct noise from your electric fire alarm is a signal that the battery backing is failing. Make sure you haven’t put it in the backward direction if you swap your battery and still listen to chirps. This is what you should do if the fire alarm keeps making sounds even after you have swapped the battery: press the test button down on the fire alarm for resetting it and clearing the deteriorating battery from the alarm’s memory.

If the fire alarm sensor is covered with dust, employ a vacuum attachment or a can of compressed air meant for cleaning computer keyboards. To avoid spider webs or accumulation of dirt on the fire alarm sensor, see that you carry out vacuuming two times a year. Sometimes the fire alarm may beep regularly at a certain time; this implies that you should modify the temperature of your home or adjust the settings. Your fire alarm might chirp if it assumes excess heat in your house.

Make sure you are setting right the exact fire alarm. If a different fire alarm in the chain is making the noise, the sound is obviously going to carry on. This will happen even if you changed a battery in the fire alarm. If you have more than a few fire alarms integrated all over your accommodation, then each one should be monitored individually to settle on the specific cause of the chirping. If nothing works for you, see that you get help from an electrician.

If your fire alarms go wrong because of electrical short caused by inappropriate wiring, you may have to get new ones. If you don’t want to buy new ones, there is always the option of getting used fire alarm systems. But you need to be a shrewd buyer to get used fire alarms in good working condition. You can get these online on sites like the ones that sell various fire extinguisher types alarms and other fire security related stuff.

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