The IT infrastructure of your organization creates a massive amount of daily logs. These machine sourced logs carry vital info that you can take to your advantage. Perhaps these vital information have the capacity to bestow you enough intelligence for network security and different powerful insights that concern network anomalies, user behaviors, policy violations, system downtime, regulatory compliance and internal threat. However, analyzing these various syslogs and event logs can be quite daunting, especially if you do not have the right too for it. Add to that the fact that it can be very time consuming, to the point that it would affect your organization’s productivity to focus and spend more time on log analysis.

On rather good news, there are now ways that one can satisfy the needs for utilizing syslogs and event logs. To be more precise, there are tools made available these days that are capable of encompassing the different uses of machine generated log data. what we’re referring to are log analyzers and event log viewers. You can go for one over the other or to have better odds in getting the most accurate results, one tool that act as both tools in one can would make a great choice. It is something we so call a log management software.

Employing a log management software can be so cost-effective when it comes to security info and event management or SIEM. Through the use of this type of software, all sorts of organizations or business enterprises can start automating an entire stack or terabit loads of machine create logs. By automating, that means to say from the collection of the data and analysis, to searching and reporting, and to archiving from a central location, all can be done without much ado. This kind of software can help mitigate a wide variety of internal threats, conduct an in-depth log analysis for forensics, comply towards different compliance and regulatory body, monitor integrity of files and so on.

All these and more are done via intelligent analysis of log data and an almost instant generation of reports such as compliance reports, user activity reports, and historical trends.


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